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Jade Plant LLosing Leaves

I know there is a lot of info on this but I am wondering if my situation is different. 6 weeks ago I purchased a Jade plant from Home Depot for our business lobby. It is a large plant (see pic) and I could not resist! I have it in the corner of our lobby where it receives full day indirect light. 1/2 of the plant is directly in front of the window while the other half is behind the wall corner. I see new leaves sprouting out from both sides of the plant (window/wall) and from the bottom up to top of plant. Most of the new leaves are sprouting from current leave clusters, however I now see some sprouting directly out of a branch! All of this leads me to believe that the plant is happy and healthy. However, it constantly is dropping leaves. Some are crusty & dried, some semi-dry and some look plump and healthy. I have read that dropping leaves can be from a few things, but I am confused since it also shows signs of constant growth.
Am I over worrying or is there possible still something wrong?
Also, it is still in the pot I bought it in and I am scared to repot since it appears to be happy.
Any tips/thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Re: Jade Plant LLosing Leaves

Most plants drop older leaves. Jades are not overly deciduous, but it sounds like it is just adjusting. If the new leaves are coming out it sounds like it is o.k. You have the plant in a saucer to protect the floor but I would put the plant on a dolly so it will be off the floor and easier to move around to clean the corner. I'd take it out at least once a week, hose off the leaves and give it a good drink and flush the salts out of the container; make sure all of the water is sucked out of the saucer. A siphon for an aquarium works pretty good for doing that.

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Re: Jade Plant LLosing Leaves

I was thinking that it was adjusting to its new home also, but wasn't sure. Since you are seeing new growth, it should be ok. How many hours of sun does it get through the window? Jades love sun, and need a sufficient amount. I noticed with my jade it will drop some leaves in the winter time, because it's difficult to keep my house warm enough. If you notice anything else odd, please let us know, and post an update. That's a really nice jade you have by the way :)

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Re: Jade Plant LLosing Leaves

Yes it is beautiful.
I bought a few small potted Jade plants and planted them outdoors (s.cali) and they have grown a lot. But I put them in a spot where they get a lot of shade as well, since I thought the direct sunlight would kill them. (so mine have done well with shade/filtered sun (other larger plants grow over them.) I cover them when/if it gets to cold.
Years ago my grandmother also had some (indoors) and they grew beautiful without direct window sunlight.
Maybe away from the window a bit? If it's too hot? But it looks good. :)

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