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Crown of Thorns Houseplant

Last September I took 3 cuttings of my old Crown of Thorns because I thought they would bloom more than the mother plant. 2 have survived. Now the old one is full of flowers but there is not a single one on the cuttings. The cuttings are in full sunlight and the old one is next to it half in shade. Should I fertilize the cuttings now? What can I do to get them to bloom or do I just have to wait? Also I would like to know how to make searches within the forums on Helpful Gardener if that is possible. Thank you for your help.


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Give them time, they will flower. Sniping the end seems to encourage flowering. Wait until they start a branch, let the branch get a couple inches out before sniping the end. You can wait until the branches are longer and make another cutting to plant. Good luck with them. Be sure to post what if anything you do and what results you get.


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