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My Succulents are dying. Can someone help

I bought a few succulents about 2 weeks ago. for the first time!

I really wanted to try growing succulents. Since the succulents needed to be potting on (place into larger containers). I went ahead and bout the Miracle grow cactus and etc soil.

My house gets really humid. I did not water the plants a lot. I wantered them every 4 days because my apt gets really humid. But the succulents are dropping leaves. It states not to water until soil is dry to touch T_T

Can someone help. Also my purple tall succulent was missing a lot of bottom leaves when it was given to me, now it is dropping more leaves..


I just watered them this morning so the soil is wet. Should I mix the soil with regular soil. Some of the withered leaves are falling into my palm as I touch it
Please I do appreciate any feedback.

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They should be planted only in the soil such as in the bag you posted a picture of. The container should have plenty of drainage holes.

I think you're probably watering them too much. I only water mine about once every 6 weeks or longer. Mine sit in a western window. One thing I've learned to do is to take them off the shelf before I close the window curtain, or they can get badly burned on a hot day.

Let the soil your cacti are in dry, then gently slide them out of their containers. That gives you a chance to examine the condition of the roots to see if they are healthy. Cacti prefer to be handled when the soil is dry. Yours appear not to need repotting, so if the soil and roots appear healthy, just slip the root ball back into the container. Do not water for 3 to 5 days.

Remove all the damaged leaves. One thing about cacti is that they form new roots fairly rapidly. The dryness of the soil stimulates root formulation, so remove any bad roots. If the soil smells sour when you remove the root ball from the container, replace it with fresh soil such as in your pic. You don't need to remove all of the soil from the root ball. Just gently use your fingers to kind of "peel" off the worst stuff from the bottom and around the edges. Going to extremes could kill the plant, so just remove what is already falling off.

I hope I've answered your questions, but if you have more, please feel free to ask. :)
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Thanks Kisal!

After I purchased them and brought them home, I repotted them into larger pots but the fresh dirt was was used from the bag; I had wet it. And added miracle grow cactus food to the water mix. The soil was wet when purchased and I moved it into more wet soil.

Thanks for the feedback. I greatly appreciate it. I will put your feedback into action!

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