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type of cactus

hi my mom had gotten this catus and we were wondering what type it is could someone tell me please thank u


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It isn't a cactus. Cacti have spines. Your plant is definitely a succulent, however, noted by it's thick, fleshy leaves. :)

It looks like a member of the Crassula family, perhaps C. perforata. If it is C. perforata, the plant needs more light, though, because the leaves should be "stacked" closely together on the stem, not separated as those on your plant are.

However, there are literally hundreds of species and varieties of Crassula, so I could be totally wrong about the species. For that matter, it could be something other than Crassula, but I really don't think so. (MUST get my new glasses asap! :( )

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Crassula pellucida ?
see here

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