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Adeniums And Dormancy

I just brought my Adeniums out of "Dormancy" (a north-facing window sill).
They have not had any water since early Oct. and I've watched the trunks slowly shrink down (not shriveled though). :)
They are now out of the "cold" and "dark" and under my fluorescent lighting and I just gave them a nice watering.
I'm hoping that I did this correctly. It's the first time they've gone through this process and I have a feeling their sluggish growth was due to fatigue since they've never had a 'rest' since I've had them.
I guess the only question I have at this time, is should I feed them or not?

I will let you all know how it's going.

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You could give a very dilute feeding, maybe 1/4 of the strength recommended on the label of the fertilizer you use for them.

Usually I wait until I see signs of new growth before I fertilize a plant, but since yours was so exhausted, it's probably okay to feed it a little earlier.

Good luck! Could you post some pics? I'd enjoy watching your Adenium come out of dormancy. :)

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