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Houseleek indoors??

Hello, I am new to this site so please bear with me - whilst I enjoy maintaining my smallish garden, I am by no means an expert in matters horticultural...

I recently bought a houseleek plant at a charity event for 40p (see photo). It is in a pot 10cm in diameter which is quite full.

My question is this - is this a suitable plant for indoors? I currently have it on a desk in my study near a window with slatted blinds (so not too much direct sun/heat).

If so, how do I look after it in terms of location / frequency of watering etc, and does it need repotting (it seems quite crammed).

Ideally, if appropriate, I'd like to use this as a basis for a larger indoor feature with other houseleeks, cacti etc...

Any coments / advice welcome!!
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I believe it should be okay as long as the light it does recieve would be good enough for you to read a book with. I'm sure it could thrive outdoors, but it certainly would not die just by being inside.

If you want, put it in a larger container? It may expand for you!
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