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Aloe vera pups

I have 2 pups a friend gave me, in the same pot. 1 is 2.5inch, the other is 1in. I think I am doing ok with the growth. I'm not pure of the light, and water requirements, or feeding? Also is it bad to spray such a young plant with neem oil solution? (to keep the aphids at bay)javascript:emoticon(':)') If you could help I will listen!
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I would not use neem oil, on your aloe, at all. If you are having problems with aphids, get some of those yellow sticky things that go on a green plastic little stick. It holds 2 on the little green plastic stick.............Keep it out of the bright light, or it will get burned, by the sun. Don't overwater or you will end up with rot, and die. Good Luck with your plant. :D

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