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How does my Aloe Vera look?

I'm new to the whole indoor gardening thing. I don't have a ton of sunlight coming into my apartment so I thought I would see how an Aloe Vera would do on my windowsill. I've heard there are a lot of different strains of Aloe Vera but I have no idea what I have. Does anyone know? I bought it about 3 weeks ago and I was also wondering how old it is and how big does it have to get until it starts putting off little pups? Oh and one more thing... That cooler that it's sitting on is not the place I usually keep it so it does get more light than that. I just put it there so it would be easier to take the picture.


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Don't put it in direct sunlight, or it will burn the plant. Not sure of the variety, but looks really healthy. Just don't overwater it. That kills more plants than anything. Good Luck. :)

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I agree with Green Mantis. :)

Your plant looks nice and healthy. When it comes time to repot it, use a container no more than one size larger than the one it's it. Too large a pot and too much soil around the roots can encourage root rot.

There are about a gazillion species of aloes, and while yours looks like the traditional aloe vera, I can't be positive from the pic. (I'm not sure I could be 100% positive about an aloe from any pic. :lol:) Because of the large number of species, it's difficult to say how large it must get or how long it may take before it produces pups. Some species get huge, and others stay quite small.

HTH somewhat. :)

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