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Succulent Wreaths

I've been trying to learn how to make a succulent wreath. Seems like everyone has their own ideas about how to do it. I've been reading online about it. A couple of sites say that you need 100+ cuttings. Some sites put dirt inside the moss. Some say it'll take a 6 mo to a year for it to fill in.

As I was planning to give wreaths for holiday gifts, I thought I start. I didn't have 100 cuttings and just used what I had. Wired on moss only and stuck some cuttings in. Had a hard time getting the cuttings to stay attached to the wreath. Kept wanting to fall out.

Has anyone have ideas to share? Is there a place where I can find what size the different succulents grow to be? Lots of info on identifing succulents, but have not been able to locate a site that says how big they get.

I had bought a few different kinds of succulents, but soon realized that some of them would not work out in a wreath. So at least now I have a better idea as to what kind of succulent to buy.

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:?: What about the regular Hoya plants? They grow fairly fast and their vines seem to grab onto anything. Would be really easy to train. Good Luck.

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