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planting jade cuttings

Hi I let my jade cutting dry for only 4 days then planted them. Is that enought time? or should I have wated :?:

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If the cut end was dry and hardened, like a callous, then it was ready to be planted. :)

Remember to water very sparingly, and then don't water again for 2 or 3 weeks, since it doesn't have any roots yet.

By the 3rd week, little roots should have started to grow, so you can give it a bit more water. Then, wait for about 2 weeks, before you water again.

At that time, water the plant thoroughly every 2 weeks. Since the plant should have plenty of roots now, give it plenty of water. You want the water to run freely out the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot. Allow the excess water to drain away, before you return the pot to its saucer.

In the fall, the plant will go dormant, so you will need to reduce the frequency of watering. Water thoroughly each time, but only about every 3 weeks. (If your plant is in a cool room, you might want to let it go 4 weeks between waterings.) At this time, you will also want to discontinue the use of any fertilizers, until active growth resumes in the spring. (I wouldn't advise using any fertilizer at all, until next spring. If you used a good soil, it should have everything the plant needs for the first year.)

HTH! :)

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