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whats up with my aloe vera?

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:41 am
by kayensvision
well its not mine its my grandmas but i took a leaf off and its got yellow goo and it stinks, i've taken leaves off of it before and this is the first time its been like this, what could be the issue and how can i fix it? she just split and repoted it a few mounths ago, and i have taken leaves sense then. if you need any more infor just ask i'll try to answer them

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:18 am
by Kisal
The bad smelling yellow liquid is produced by the cells just under the outer rind. Like the sap of some trees, this liquid seals any wounds the plant might suffer.

The inner liquid should be clear and have little if any odor. Once you have removed the leaf from the plant, you can split it lengthwise to obtain this inner liquid. :)