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is there any chanse for my plant-y-plant?

well I recentaly got a panda plant, and its realy small, and about 2 days ago I repoted it after getting it from the stoor, and sciense it had ben in the tiny store pot for lord knows how long I had to soak the roots and untangle the rootbound ness lol so it was haveing a prety hard time and it must have been prety stressed out, but about an houre ago my brother got mad at me and threw it and its glass jar out the windo and so the heavy glass jar landed on it and ripped off half of the roots and smooshes some of the leafs, and I don't have anywear new to put it cuz the jar broke, so I half to keep it in a pot with my grapefruit tree untill I can get to the store and get a new pot and stuff, so do you think it will live, and what can I do to give it a better chanse?
thanks for your help :D

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Whoa, your brother seems to be a hot head.

Anyways, do you have anything you can use as a pot? Like a yogourt container or something? If yes, take it and do a few holes under it. Do you have access to any kind of soil? Like, your garden outside? Just use this temporarally.

Once you get a pot,(you should get one like right now at a greehouse or something. Even Wal-mart has some) put your plant in it and use good potting soil for succulent plants. I think your plant is a succulent.

If you are only leaving the plant in a jar of water, you can put it in a cup of water(it is basically the same thing). The plant can live in a glass of water. That is what I usullay do to reproduce a plant from a stem cutting.

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Your plant is definitly a succulent and putting it in water will ikely rot need to be in pourous well draining soil soon as you can.

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