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Bromeliade's bract lost color and stopped blooming

I got this small Bromeliade about 4 or 5 months ago and at the time it had a pink bract with purple blooms coming out of it, the purple flowers only lasted a few days at a time but there was always a new one within a day or so of the previous one wilting. The blooms got less and less frequent till they stopped all together, shortly after that the bract started loosing its pink color and over the past month to month and a half it turned completely green. Is this normal? How can I get my beautiful Bromeliade back to blooming again?


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My understanding is the bromeliads slowly die after they finish blooming. It takes awhile, perhaps a year or two, and during that time, they produce pups. The pups can be separated from the mother plant and potted up individually.

The separation should be done with a small saw or serrated knife. It's okay if the pup doesn't have its own root system yet, as long as it has a little rosette of leaves. The parent plant will continue to produce pups until it completely dies.

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