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Plant identification?

my grandmother gave me a heap of these plants left over from a fete, but has lost the tags. Im unsure of most of them and would like to know the names! Just follow the link!!

many thanks
Jenna :)

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I'm not very good at this, I just started getting into succulents recently, but here it goes. The smallest plant in Picture 5 and pic 3 in the blue put are both Jade plants, Pic 4 the plant all the way on the right and pic 6 in the blue pot appears to be Christmas Cacti that arnt blooming like they should be this time of year.

Thats all I can even guess at.
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pic #1 in the gray colored pot looks like it might be a Rhipsalis cereuscula aka rice plant but I could be wrong on that, pic #4 in the brown pot and pic#6 in the blue are holiday cactus that need TLC. the rest I'm just not sure of.

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I've got a few.

Picture 3:

9:00 position I know as 'Spider Plant'
6:00 position is Scilla violacea One of the few bulbs that does not go dormant.

Picture 4:

12:00 position is Portulacaria afra commonly called 'Baby Jade' or 'Elephant Bush'


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Re: Plant identification?

does anybody know what this is?
does anybody know what this is?
Does anybody know what this is?

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Re: Plant identification?

1: Aeonium
2: ?
3: Crassula ovata (Jade plant)
4: ? Some kind of Sedum
5: Tradescantia pallida (purple heart or purple queen)
6: Portulacaria afra (elephant foot, baby Jade)
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Re: Plant identification?

7: looks like Crassula tetragona (mini pine tree)
8: compare to Graptoveria 'Opalina'
9: Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (lavender scallops)
10: Senecio, IDK which species. One of those called blue chalk sticks maybe.

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