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Aloe roots

I have a huge aloe plant. I repotted it and most of the roots are broken off, there are just a few left. It's leaves are now drooping & not looking so good. What do I do? One of it's off spring had little to no roots so I put it in a glass vase & set it in the window, the sun helped new roots to grow but the big plant it far to big for a vase. The best I have is a 5 gallon bucket. Would that work? I really don't want to lose this plant, it's so big & amazing.

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Keep it in the shade till it recovers. Hopefully it will re-root before it totally dies. But you might loose some of it. Maybe try removing some of the lowest "leaves" so you can plant the stem deeper to give it more area to grow roots from. You can plant the leaves and they will grow new plants. Good luck

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