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Pruning a Yucca by chopping the trunk in half!!


as from my previous thread, I've got a Yucca that's very deformed. I posted a question about lopping off the deformed branches, and I had a mixed bag of answers. Then I came acaross the link below:

I notice that the top of my Yucca has brown wax seal. It seems like I don't have much to loose by trying the pruning technique as suggested below, but I wondered if I should re-seal the top of the bottom branch, and if so, can anyone recommend what I should seal it with?

Anyone know why they are sealed? Is it to prevent branches sprouting out the top?

Thanks for your help!



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I'm allergic to yucca, so I don't grow them. Therefore, I don't know a whole lot about them. However, I do know that they are often propagated from cane cuttings, and the wax is applied to the top and the bottom of the cuttings to prevent them from drying out too much while being shipped to their destinations. You need not apply it when you propagate at home, because there is no danger of the cuttings becoming too dry and dying from lack of moisture.

I'm not sure it's important for yuccas, but when propagating cuttings from other cane plants, it's a good idea to allow the cut ends to dry until callused over. That can take anywhere from a day to a week, but usually 2 or 3 days is plenty of time. This is done to prevent rot from setting in. If the yucca cane is woody, then I doubt callusing would be necessary.

Sorry I can't be of more help. :(

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What yuccas need more than anything is light.

Did yours get deformed by trying to reach over towards the light?

It is best to keep them right next to the window.

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