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Is this medicinal aloe or some other variety of aloe vera?

I just recently received some new aloe vera from the seed/plant exchange. All I know for sure is that it is aloe vera but I'm not sure if its a medicinal variety. It is darker than my other medicinal aloe vera, lots of white spots, doesn't grow large leaves but does grow a lot of smaller leaves and does not grow in a rosette. Instead it grows only half a rosette. It grows a leaf only every 180 degrees (on the alternate side from the original leaf). So is this a medicinal aloe vera? Is there some way to identify it?



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The name of your aloe is called Tiger aloe and yes, it has the medicinal gel inside. The gel can be used for many other things though. Hand cream--softening dry skin--putting on dry scales that parrots have on their legs, plus areas on a parrot where feathers have been heavily plucked---softening itchy, patchy skin such as on elbows and heels of feet--softening skin that's been washed with a harsh soap etc. Many women use it to convince their mates that they're very appealing.


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A lot of aloe plants grow the way that you've described when they're young.

They should form a full shape with leaves in every direction as they mature.

It may also develop plain green leaves as it matures as the young plants from plain green aloes that I've grown have those markings when they're young.

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I'm probably wrong about the name of that aloe. I was going by the markings that are like mine. Sorry. My aloe which is variegata will stay relatively short, and will grow from one main trunk and can grow rosettes. As a matter of fact, I recently removed one of the pups (3/4 inch high) repotted it and it's starting to form exactly like the mother plant.
In my avatar, there's a photo of it from about 5 years ago. My aloe lost about 5 leaves from the bottom of the trunk due to an accident a long time ago. They were also short. A new leaf will only come from the center of my plant.
So, I apologise for my mistake.

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Kurite, your aloe is an Aloe vera, which means "true aloe." The scientific name is Aloe barbadensis, but it's sometimes classified as Aloe vulgaris. They tend to have more spots on the leaves when they are young. The leaves will become thicker and a more solid gray/green color as the plant matures.

It looks like you may have several plants in that container. Are they pups still attached to a mature plant? If so, you might want to separate them into their own pots, although that is not required.

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Ooh, its lovely. I burnt my arm last night, on the cooker, and after running under cold water applied fresh aloe and it hasn't blistered!
Aloe is good for so, so many things.

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