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Jade again

My Jade has finally been doing well, just drilled two new holes for better drainage. My question is, when is my jade going to get too big for this pot? It hasn't really grown much yet, but that's because it wanted to die when it found out how hot Texas is right now. Still is shaded some as the leaves are getting thin and dry. Also, what can I feed it? Can I just throw in some compost like my other plants.


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If the leaves of a Jade are thin, and not plump, it indicates to me that it has the capacity to store more water. Your soil looks moist but the condition of the leaves indicate that it could use more water. Perhaps you are in the habit of watering frequently in small amounts, or perhaps you had just watered it.

Sometimes people misinterpret the fact that Jades don't require much water. I think it would be more accurate to say they don't require watering too often. When I water Jades I do so aggressively, often watering thoroughly several times over the course of an afternoon. The key is to wait a sufficient amount of time before watering again.

They don't mind being a little root-bound either so I don't think there is any need to worry about re-potting it for a while. I keep all of my potted plants in a very gritty, open mix and don't like to add additional organic matter to the pots, I do generally use some bark in my mix though. In order to maintain drainage I prefer to use liquid fertilizer.


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I have to agree with Gnome on the watering :). We stuck ours outside in the end of May (yes, too early but it lived!) and despite the constant stream of water (it's rained every 2 or 3 days all summer) it is really thriving!

I did, however, find it really burned when I put it out in full sun, so we have it under our honey suckle so it's both protected & partially shaded. Our jade has at least tripled in size since May.

I've always just thrown my used tea bags on the tops of my house-plants and that seems to provide allot of good fertilizer. When it's indoor I water the jade whenever it gets thin (every one to two weeks) but give it a really good drenching.

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I have noticed that in the past if I water not throughly enough, maybe just watering the top of the pot only, the roots tend to grow upwards. I make sure all my succulents dirt is an inch below the top of the pot so the water can really absorb. I keep watering til I see the saucer fill with water...

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I water it until I see a nice stream of water coming out, and hold it up for about a minute until it fully drains. All of the dirt gets wet that way, but I think I might try the submering method next time and see if it grows any quicker.

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