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What can I grow with my aloe vera plant?

Hi I am just about to replant my aloe vera plant in a lager plant pot and was wondering if I could plant any other plants in the soil (possibly some small cacti)? I am using a cactus soil? Also I heard I should feed them every 3 months. What should I feed it with and how do I do it? And I doubt there are any but are there some plants that can actually help my aloe vera grow better by providing it with nutrients or something?


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I like your idea of combining drought tolerant species, I have toying with this idea myself for awhile as I have several possible candidates. Before I list them let me say that I think you should research using cacti with Aloe vera. Although Aloe is drought tolerant it may not be as much so as true Cacti. Just a thought as I have only a little experience with Cacti.

Some plants that I have been considering for such a dish garden are, clockwise from center:


Haworthia fasciata or 'Little Zebra Plant'

Crassuala sp any of the 'Jades' or even Portulacaria 'Baby Jade'

Scilla violicea I know of no common name for this plant.

All of these require little water but need more than cacti. The first and third are not terribly tall so consider what such a composition might look like.


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