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Two brown thumbs

Hello gardeners. I'm hoping some of you can help turn my thumbs a little more green. I love plants but they don't seem to love me. I've killed every plant I've ever had, with the exception of some wild roses at my dad's which all I did was spray with soapy water to keep off the aphids and trim off the blooms. I even killed a 6 foot cactus. *sigh* I hope I'm not doomed. I recently acquired 3 different small cacti from my aunt, and then my husband bought me a "lucky bean". Hopefully I can find some help here on how to care for them so they'll live more than a season.
Thanks! Look forward to chatting with you.

~Botanist Barbie

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I'm sure you can find someone here who can help BB.

Welcome to the Forum!


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Don't feel bad. I killed a cactus also. Thought that was almost impossible. In my case I over watered. Welcome to the forum. Bambi

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Well, let's look at the possibilities:

1) the "soapy water" was actually detergent water, perhaps? which would definitely injure the plant, perhaps fatally.

2) and, as already stated, overwatering cactus will do it in.

Pretty normal mistakes, actually.

Read up, watch DVDs, take a look around The Helpful Gardener, and start small this year. Plant just a few varieties. Then, in later seasons, increase gradually the number of varieties you grow.

Happy gardening, and we're glad you found us! :)

Cynthia H.
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