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Need help reviving Jade

My plant one month ago
Brown middle of one branch
After I cut the branches off.
Callous after one day.
I've had my jade for 7 years. It was given to me by my high school art teacher and I really cherish it. Please help!

I just moved from California to Colorado and I’ve been so distracted with the move (and I got used to being able to not worry about temperatures) that I left it outside in the cold. It did reach 32 degrees but I don’t know for how long.

After bringing it inside I waited about two days for it to warm up and then took all of the soil out and loosened as much as possible from the roots. Then I put it back with new soil. It’s been in good sunlight in my room for the past three days now.

When I initially took it inside I noticed the branches started drooping due to segments of each branch being soft. I expected that the softness would mean those areas were dead but after cutting into the branches they were almost all still bright green. I only noticed one branch that seemed to be brownish in the middle.

I cut the branches yesterday and then checked them today and the ends of the branches (where I trimmed) are now starting to callous and wrinkle up but there is also some softness there. Is this normal? Can someone please let me know if the callous process looks okay? What next steps should I take? I haven’t watered it since bringing it inside approximately 6 days ago.

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