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HELP! Chinese elm?? Zelkova?? Grey bark elm??


What is this tree, when i bought it the guy told me it was a chinese elm.
if so can you give me a few hints/ tips please it is my first tree


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your picture didn't come through. Linking to Facebook probably doesn't work anyway. Review the instructions for posting pictures here that are in the New To Helpful Gardener? section under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for New Members.
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Japanese Grey Bark Elm is a common name for Zelkova. You are in the UK, correct? We have often seen retailers deliberately misidentify Chinese Elms as Zelkovas presumably in order to skirt restrictions on their importation. Since yours was identified as a Chinese Elm I would tend to believe that ID. At any rate, this side by side comparison should help.

Here is a side by side of Zelkova and Chinese Elm.
The Zelkova is on the left. A US quarter Dollar is about 24MM

Chinese Elms also have some variation in leaf shape, here are some examples.


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