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1st Bonsai, quite confused..

Well I finally got my first bonsai that I have been wanting a while.. My guess is that this is from the Juniper family but I am not sure..


The tree is pretty large and a large branch hangs over the side off of the pot - the branch also ends in a break (just the way the store had it)

Any ideas on the type? Indoor/Outdoor?

What should I do about the hanging branch? came with copper wire to support it<- how should I style it?

What should I do about the break? recut it with shears to make it a clean cut?

Any help appreciated!

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Yes, it appears to be a Juniper. I'm not completely up on my id of Junipers, but a fair guess would be, in order of likelihood: J. procumbens 'nana', J. prostrata, or J. horizontalis. All, all, all Juniper species will need to be kept outside unless you've a greenhouse. As far as what to do with styling, I can't really tell. All of your images are at odd, haphazard angles that do not demonstrate clear, straight on front, back, and both side shots. On the broken branch, same thing. Wiring, however, will need to be removed a few weeks after it's wired. Did they tell you when it was wired and why?

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