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Hi :) What kind of bonsai is this?

Hi! Im new here and just bought my first bonsi tree from Garthdee B&Q in Aberdeen and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify it!
Any tips welcome! Many thanks :D





Hello :) Looking to learn some more about Bonsi and how to sucessfully grow and prune a Bonsi :)

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately your pictures are only thumbnails which makes an ID difficult. Perhaps you can try again.

From what I can see I believe that you have purchased a Chinese Elm. If you search the forum you will find more than a few threads about this species.

Check this thread for some basic tips especially concerning watering.

Other than that, in the short term, ensure you have drainage holes in the pot and that the tree gets adequate light. Don't rush into anything until you do some basic research.


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I'll venture a tentative guess of Fukien Tea. Although the bark looks too dark. My other shot in the dark guess would be Chinese Elm, but the leaves aren't that shiny.

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I also think Fukien Tea. Shine on the leaves, a few flower stems.

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