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What type of shrub is this? it always stays green

does anyone know what this is? [img][/img]

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That appears to be some kind of boxwood. I think.

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Agree - boxwood. Heavy trunks are often used for bonsai. Korean boxwood is usually preferred, but there are others too such as Wintergem.

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'Kingsville' is used A LOT in bonsai. I've recently found out that there's a Thai boxwood that may be far more tolerant of indoor culture. I tried Kingsville. No dice. I've a feeling, though it was more due to humidity that temperature. The specimen I received was exceedingly small (less than 1" tall) and it was in pure Akadama. It was already doing poorly when received, so I didn't want to repot it. It struggled for a year, but I gave up before it did. Maybe if I have more room someday I'll try this (and other "difficult" species) again. Otherwise, boxwoods belong outdoors.

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