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New to Bonsai, please help

Hi everyone,
I'm new to Bonsai and would appreciate some help.
I was giving a beautiful looking tree for Christmas and have tried my
best to look after it, firstly, does anyone know what kind of tree it is?
Will upload some pictures after this post.
I have been watering the tree every morning before I go to work,
not saturating the tree but watering the base with about half a cup full.
It started to bloom with fresh new growth (picture) and was putting the tree on a stool by the window which gets the most light throughout the day.
I was also spraying mist onto the leaves every other evening.
Now three thirds of the original leaves have shriveled and fell off,
reading numerous bonsai sites, I think I have been over watering it, even though the fresh growth hasn't shriveled and dropped, I am hoping the tree
is still alive.
What I have been doing now is submerging the pot up to the trunk in water
for 10-15 minutes, allowing the excess water to drain out and placing back
on the drip tray and doing so every 4 to 6 days, depending on how dry
the soil feels, again this is going off what the sites I've been on have said.
Also I have noticed I have little flies on the tree which I believe are aphids,
I have been gently spraying the soil with insecticide to rid them but don't
want to damage the tree in the process.
I have only just joined this site half hour ago and would very much
appreciate any and all help and advice as to if the tree will survive, as I
would very much love it to flourish and remain healthy.
I think I have covered everything but if anyone has any questions I will do
my best to answer.

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Full picture

Leaves are falling off

New growth

Base of tree


Fresh growth before leaves fell off
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For some reason this thread has been posted in Bonsai Identification.
Sure I chose indoor bonsai,
if in the wrong section will post again.

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this tree has been identified in previous posts already, please look back

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Thanks a lot for all the valuable info!

Hello guys,

I have enjoyed reading this thread and I am actually new here.

I am planning to expand my garden very soon.


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This tree has been in other posts before but I guess I can still help.

Is the tree a Chinese Elm, if so, did you give it insecticide before it started to decline?
You CANNOT spray insecticide on Chinese Elms but rather use a more (somewhat) natural spray. Like soap and water.

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