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Bonsai Identification?

Hello everyone,

New on the forum, I've just gotten my first bonsai. I'm really curious to know what specie it is so that I can take good care of it. Would appreciate any suggestions (it's probably a very common one)

I've been doing some research myself but I can't seem to find it. (It's probably just bad luck)

Thanks beforehand,



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Hello and welcome. I think your tree is a Ficus but I am not 100% sure. If the growing tips are sort of 'rolled' and it exudes a milky sap if a leaf is removed it would tend to confirm this ID.


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Welcome Riette -

Yes, it certainly looks like a Ficus. The only reservation I have with a positive ID is that the leaves look thicker than my Ficus, but that's really hard to tell from a picture.
If it's Ficus it's an easy plant to take care of and as Norm says if you snip off a terminal end of a branch it will ooze a white sticky substance. Harmless to the tree...in fact this substance protects the end of the snipped branch when it dries.
You have a plant with a very nice start and very good possibilities. It does look like it will need a repot in the spring as it's a size or two too large for it's current pot.
Good luck with it!! :D

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