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unknown not sure if its a bonsai

ok check this out I jus found this in my back yard like ten min's ago :arrow:


idk if its a bonsai or not but I live in Texas so can someone help identify it please

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Can you please slow down a little, we're having a hard time keeping up with your enthusiasm. Rainbowgardener tried to help you understand the nature of bonsai [url=]here.[/url] Did you read the reply?

Bonsai is not a species but a series of techniques. You are not asking the right question when you ask if a given plant is a bonsai. The correct questions should be, is this an appropriate species and is this individual plant promising.

Also you should not just go around digging things up without regard to timing or the peculiarities of the species in question. You could easily kill something that otherwise might have merit.


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...agreed with everything Norm's said, including that this specimen seems to have quite a bit of potential. It would be VERY unfortunate if your enthusiasm ruined your chances of developing this tree as it really does look like it has great potential.

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