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~ What Kind of Bonsai Is This? ~ (Schefflera)

Hey Guys ~ I have but one tree, for now ~ I got it last xmas for twenty bucks at a local Safeway!

I water it when the soil feels dry, by submerging the entire plant/pot in a bowl of water for five min.

It has been thriving!

I wonder if I can take off that green ribbon tie that is wrapped around the tree? Also, if you notice that one looks dead, but feels just like the others...!

And last but not least ~ I wanted to transplant this tree into a bigger cooler pot:) Should I?

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Sure looks like a Schefflera to me, probably S arboricola or Umbrella tree. Not sure about the ribbon unless the grower was trying to fuse several trunks together. If that is the case and you want to continue the process you should determine if the fusing has begun or will the stems separate if you remove the binding.

Sure you can re-pot, in fact I think it would be good idea to get rid of the unnecessary top dressing. This serves no real cultural purpose and may make watering more difficult. Sometimes such a top dressing is glued in place and this is even worse as it can exclude oxygen as well. I have one of these and it is in a mix of inorganic and organic components of which the particles are very much on the large size. It does well but it does require frequent attention. A smaller particle size, about the head of a match, should be fine.

Have you seen the threads about soils and re-potting yet? If not you really should read them.

While you're at it read the general care one as well for tips on watering.


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Thanks so much, Norm!! I will def read all offered!!
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just saw your post and yeah id say thats a umbrella tree/plant

thay imop r really easy to keep and can be verry hardy just don't move them around to much they do have this abilty to sulk and you will know it wen you see it (yes a sulking plant verry odd) anyway good luck with it it looks like it could turn out to be a lovely little tree =D

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Welcome to the forum!
Nice little tree you've got there...I'd love to get a closer look at the trunk base. Sort of looks as though there is some sort of binding which was used to keep the main trunk upright as the roots underneath were stood up, used as 'stilts,' and eventually exposed.

Does the tree remain upright on its own when this binding is removed?
I'm guessing it does, based on the size of the roots I'm seeing (at least I think that's what I'm looking at).

Hopefully I'm seeing the same thing you are...sometimes hard to tell from pics, lol. :wink:
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