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Chinese Elm Bonsai


I just received a Bonsai for my birthday and i have some trouble taking care of it. Firstly i can't figure out it's species . After i got it i submerged it in water until there were no air bubbles as i read on the Internet because the soil was dry. I haven't water it in the last couple of days because the soil was still a little wet. I only sprayed some water on the leaves a few hours ago. I put it in front of my window, it has a lot of light but today i noticed that a few leaves are yellow and 7 leaves have fallen. I think i did everything ok... please tell me if you can what is the problem, why the leaves are falling and getting yellow. I love it very much and i don't want to lose it.

I posted some pictures, maybe you can tell me the species.

Many thanks!

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Those links aren't convenient. Can you please upload your pics to a service like [url=https://photobucket.com/]Photobucket[/url]?

Here are some tips for how to post photos:

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Sorry about the links...
Here are the photos


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This looks like a Chinese Elm.
It sounds like your giving it the care it needs.( probably better to not let the soil go completely dry before watering )
Hopefully the tree is just adapting to its new environment, I could be wrong. I don't own a Chinese Elm yet so I don't know how it reacts when it is unhappy or how long it will take the tree to adjust to its new home.

Welcome to the forum and Bonsai :)
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From what I have heard about chinese elms, they tend to drop leafs after a transition. It should be okay, because in there native enviornment they are deciduous, yet can be kept indoors (I never could understand how). Anyway, it should be okay after a few days. If not, check for pests. This is another problem often dealt with by newly purchased bonsai.
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Thanks a lot for your answers. Today seems to be a better day for my new Bonsai (I named it Kazoo :) ) and I hope you're right about the adapting. I'll keep taking care of it and I hope it will get some strenght soon.

P.S. I'm glad to be here and I'm open to learn new interesting things about Bonsai. :D

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