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Did Something Wrong to my Juniper Bonsai


So I got this bonsai as a gift it came with the tree a bag of soil and a pot. Not knowing what I was doing I just put the tree in the pot sounder it with the soil and watered it. The root ball is taller than the pot so I know I did something wrong. I also have no idea as to what king of tree it is or how to care for it. Please help.


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This is a Juniper.
Green Mound Junipers are considered outdoor trees. They require a great deal of direct sunlight, changes in temperature, and humidity. If you keep them inside, find a place that gets tons of sun and consider getting a grow light. don't keep your juniper indoors all year long. Junipers need a winter dormant period. When kept outside it can tolerate just about any condition, but don’t let it freeze and make sure it gets afternoon shade on the hottest days of summer.

Read up on your little Juniper I am sure you will find that it will be a great easy care Bonsai.

And welcome to Bonsai :)
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Hey dengstra,

I agree with IndorBonsai, its definitely a juniper. its fairly young as the foliage is needle shaped and not scaled. But i would have to go against IB and tell you to NEVER KEEP JUNIPERS INSIDE (sorry IB) I have NEVER been succesful keeping a juniper inside, and especially since ur a beginner (i assume) than its not worth the hassle to try and keep it alive indoors. Keep it in direct sunlight on ur porch or balcony, and it will do fine.

unfortunately, since your roots are higher than ur pot, you risk lots of moisture loss until they harden off. some of my buddies in this forum may disagree with me, but this technique has worked pretty well for me in the past: mist the showing roots with a spray bottle often.

OK, so i realized after i wrote the last section that you actually didn't say that ur roots are exposed, if they are not, don't worry about misting. But water carefully, as the soil will likely wash away if watered too vigorusly.

As far as actual watering goes, don't water every day, or to any kind of schedule. Get a tooth pick, stick it about an inch to an inch and a half down in the soil, and water when the toothpick is dry when taken out. This is a good learning tool you can use until you get the hang of what ur tree needs.

So these are a few tips that helped me when i was first starting out, but IB is right, get a book about bonsai and read up. :wink: and don't be afraid to ask us questions, thats what we're here for. Good luck, welcome to bonsai.
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