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Juniper dying or dead

I bought this bonsai back in March and I kept him at the window so he received sunlight but not the harsh temperatures of outside I live in Miami. At first he was fine, I would mist him to water him. But my mom drenched him for hours on day. After time he started to go pale and slowly turned a light yellow.
I read and was told they do best outside so I moved him outside where he receives sunlight but not directly under the sunlight. Along with not watering him every other day but every 3 days. And within 2-3 days he’s completely yellowed although I do notice a different, the bonsai is more yellow on the side it received more sunlight.

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Re: Juniper dying or dead

Unfortunately, true, it is dead. Junipers are outside plants and do not do well as indoor plants. Even in Miami, it could have been acclimated and done fine outside with daily watering. Did that dish have a drain hole?
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Re: Juniper dying or dead

These little junipers sold as "bonsai" are just cuttings. They just cut a little branch off a juniper, trim it, and plant it with rooting powder, hopefully take care of it until it starts growing again, but who knows. As such they have hardly any root system and require a lot of coddling to get going.
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