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Re: Dwarf Juniper Bonsai Turning Brown On The Tips

I didn't read all of the answers, so I'm sure it's already mentioned, but you shouldn't bring juniper indoors for more than 4 days. If this was in October, hopefully you put it back outside without any problems. That is a Japanese cultivar or one similar to. As long as you're in zone 5-7 or higher or a little lower depending on the exact cultivar, you should be fine if it's outside now. Make sure it's safe from heavy rain or wind and make sure the soil stays moist but not damp, it can even tolerate dryness for a while since it is in a semi-dormant state. Prune lightly just before spring to give it a jump start but only after last frost.

Cut off the brown if you haven't already. Just go back to the next node down and cut above the node.

Have fun. Cool trunk, it can be a really nice bonsai when finished.

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I did put it out on the patio. I cut off the brown and it seems to be doing wonderfully. I really appreciate the help. I don't think it's cold enough yet for it to go into dormancy. We've had a couple of freezes, but for the most part it's been 50°F or above. Normally is colder this time of year. Crossing my fingers that the weather doesn't hurt it. Thanks again. :)

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