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The worms are having a party in the compost -enriched dirt pile! With each, usually daily dump of scraps, coffee grounds etc, cover with a bit of dirt. Between above freezing temps and the rain, the worms are happy. A cold blast is moving in this week, and the wiggly things will just go a bit deeper.

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It's really fun in the cooler but not freezing conditions because you get to see those wormy-worms a lot more. :()

Mine are in a very slap-together vermicomposter-tower in the garage. I gave them some celeriac peelings today (they usually love any root veg peelings) and found some clustered among the previous feeding -- past prime leftover Chinese food steamed snow peas. :lol:

I decided if emergency mylar blankets can reflect heat in and keep you warm, then the shiny inside of family/party size chip bags that I collect to use for supplemental light reflectors ought to work for the worm bins, too, so right now, there is a green sour cream and onion chip bag draped on top and covered with DH's old T-shirt :wink:

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