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Worm Buckets ???

Did I miss anything here?

No Egg shell, no citrus, no animal stuff.

Freeze and thaw worm food before feeding. Never add hot or cold items. Freezing and thawing the worm food makes it softer and easier for the worms to eat.

Temp should be about 50*F or so (40*F - 60*F)

Worms seem to like potatoes, coffee grounds, banana peels and damp, punky wood, but will eat just about any decomposing vegetation.

1. Bucket on bottom to collect leachate. (no holes, possibly a spigot). Supports in this bucket may be necessary to prevent next bucket from locking into this one.

2. Bucket up from that is a worm separator to collect the escapees. Many smaller holes (1/8”) to let liquid through and aeration holes up the sides. Line bottom with damp newspaper and an inch or so of soil. Be sure the soil is deep enough to prevent the next bucket form locking into this one.

3. Bucket above that is the worm bucket. Smaller holes in bottom and up sides to decrease worms getting lost. Again line the bottom with damp news paper and an inch or so of soil.

Add in some damp shredded up newspaper mixed with damp mulchy compost, then the worms, then a covering of damp mulchy compost, then a layer of worm food and cover with damp shredded newspaper.

When food in consumed, add more food and cover with more shredded damp news paper.

Cut center out of bucket lid and use it to secure a piece of heavy, permeable landscape fabric over the top to keep the light and invaders out, but allow for ventilation.

4. Subsequent buckets can be added to form a tower. These buckets should have larger holes in the bottom (1/4” - 3/8”) to allow the worms to pass into or out of the bucket. Again there should be aeration holes up the sides.

Thank much.

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