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making compost

How can I make a perfect compost for my garden?

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Moderation in all things should be your starting point. Among those 'all things' should be a liberal amount of yard waste chopped no bigger than hand size. An anvil pruner will be your most-used tool to achieve this.

A drop of salad dressing is not a reason with with hold kitchen scraps, nor an occasional chicken bone. Your need though is volume. A good tower composter will hold in excess of fifty gallons of waste. Better still four pallets lashed together will work to even better effect.

Do not be too surprised that you have a battery of two or even three bins. One to decay, The second to load. And the third loafing or empty. Seasonally, autumnal leaves will arrive faster than you can mix with kitchen scraps. Fill the loafing bin with bags of leaves till you need them.

Varmints. Yup they will visit. Which is why your compost bin should go very light on meats and fats. Make friends with a human who has a dashundt, or jack Russel terrier. These working dogs should be welcomed regularly irrespective of having visiting varmints. These dog breeds goal in life it to catch and kill the visitors you don't want.

Lastly your compost is done once it is no longer hot. Fragments of lignin of leaves, or a decayed twig or six can go direct from the compost bin to your garden. I would only sift what is going into pots. And that is for its esthetic and not health reasons.

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Read the composting basics and composting 101 threads at the top of this section. Everything you need to know is there!

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