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Using jute in a compost tumbler?


I am totally new to composting (this week!). I got a tumbler for my backyard because I figured that was the safest way to start. I have a bunch of jute that is used as insulation for refrigerated items. Once they're not in the paper sleeves anymore, can I compost the "sheets" of jute in my tumbler? I read that worms like jute but obviously there are no worms in my tumbler. I attached a picture of the jute, too, since I know I'm not explaining myself well.

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Re: Using jute in a compost tumbler?

Not sure about using it in a tumbler. If it breaks up, could add some shredded bits. Do you have (between) rows or pathways where it could be used for weed suppression and walking? Jute is some tough fiber, and it may not break down in the tumbler too well, and I would be cautious about excess chemicals used in growing/processing.
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Re: Using jute in a compost tumbler?

I agree it would make a dandy mulch layer. You could cover it with wood chips or whatever to improve the appearance.

I think it could take a long time to compost, and tumblers are difficult enough to manage without adding this.

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