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Worms on steroids!

I got around to reclaiming a large (16") pot that was back where I did have some going a few years ago. As it was next to the Enriched Dirt Pile aka compost, just tumped it over. Yikes, a couple of worms as big as snakes were residing in it.
Worms in bigger territory now, and probably scary to the birds that frequent the pile for dinner. Pot got washed out, fresh dirt (with worms) put in and a sage that was outgrowing its 12" home.
Have fun!

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Re: Worms on steroids!

It's really interesting what some us gardeners find in used pots and other places we haven't been watching closely.

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Re: Worms on steroids!

I've seen some of those scary night crawlers! Pick one up and it squirms like a strong little snake. Creepy. But boy do they move some dirt when they burrow in the ground, and that's what you want. Little composters and tillers!

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