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mushroom compost

so i was recently given a ton of 100% mushroom compost, not spent mushroom compost, the stuff direct from the plant. so i was planning on putting in a raised bed garden, about 48 square foot, and i was wondering if i could use this in my new garden? would i have to mix it with something? i literally have 2,600 pounds

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Re: mushroom compost

I use mushroom compost in my homemade potting mix. I can't imagine what a ton of it looks like! 48 square feet is just 6x8. What are you going to do with all the rest of it?

But yes, I think you would need to mix it with something to keep it from being heavy and compacting in your raised bed. For my potting mix, I use coconut coir and rice hulls. But the rice hulls while organic and sustainable and good enough for my purposes starting seeds, break down and disappear pretty quickly. What is traditionally used in potting soil is perlite and you can buy it pretty cheaply. Other alternatives would be coarse sand, pumice. Peanut or pecan hulls would not break down as fast as the rice hulls. Peat moss is traditionally used instead of the coconut coir.
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Re: mushroom compost

Ya its great for anything but its still hot especially if you see it steaming. A thin layer on your new garden will work well dug in but not more than a few inches . if the spores were mixed in you may get a lot of mushrooms in a few weeks! After they start growing ever dozen or so days they will resprout! Not sure if corn husk were ground in or straw.! Great mix for worms when composted.
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Re: mushroom compost

Definitely if the pile is hot it's not ready for prime time and needs to compost awhile.

You should generally mix any kind of compost with soil rather than using it straight. Not that nothing will grow in 100% compost but various problems can crop up, like draining too fast, drying with a crusty surface that won't absorb water, etc.

Other than that, go for it!

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