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Chicken poop, worm bin quick turnaround compost?

I have seen designs where someone will build a rabbit hutch over a worm bin, as the rabbit poop falls down into the worm bin the worms eat the rabbit waste and turn that into awesome worm castings for your garden. I think I read the turn around time for scraps that you feed the rabbits is 3 weeks. From throwing a rabbit some scraps to the worms turning it into awesome compost. My questions is... Can I do the same thing with chickens. If I take straw and chicken poop and dump that into a worm bin can I somehow have a 3 week turn around from feeding them say a head of lettuce to having worm castings. Thanks for any help and It would be great to be pointed towards a resource or someone that has tried this. Thanks again.

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Re: Chicken poop, worm bin quick turnaround compost?

No. Chicken manure is much much hotter than rabbit manure.

You can expect more than two months (even with turning) just to work out the hot-cycle. If you rebel against identifiable woody bits in your compost, add more months to the total turn around between manure and compost ready for your garden.

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