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Hot remains in compost bin

In my country, we have started composting in restaurants.

Restaurants, usually throw hot remains to the compost bin, for example: cooked remains.

In my opinion these remains are too hot, and bacteria and another compost fauna die.

I need you opinion about restaurant composting and about hot remains in compost.

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Re: Hot remains in compost bin

this compost would probably work better with more carbons in it. Leaves, or shredded paper-cardboard even.
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Re: Hot remains in compost bin

I have a hard time picturing it. Are they throwing the hot leftovers into a bucket and putting it in the compost bin later or just throwing stuff from the pan to the bin each time?
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Re: Hot remains in compost bin

Keep out the meat or you will have a very bad smell and rats! Also avoid oils which will hinder a compost!
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Re: Hot remains in compost bin

I think it is terrific that restaurants are composting scraps and leftovers instead of all that stuff going to waste.

Even if they are going directly into the compost bin, rather than into a kitchen holding tank to be emptied later, I find it hard to imagine that they are still hot enough to be damaging by the time they get there.

But tom is right, for good compost all the soft/ wet stuff of scraps and leftovers really needs to be mixed with carbon rich, hard/dry stuff like autumn leaves, paper products, etc.
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