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Re: Compost/potting soil recipe

Some people get great results using compost. I tend to over water and compost stays too wet for too long for me so 50-50 peat perlite does work best for me. I have added vermi compost to the mix and it does fine. I actually add osmocote to my mix for a slow release fertilizer, which is not organic, otherwise I would have to use AACT or Fish emulsion every week and my neighbor would complain about the smell. As it is, I use Fish emulsion only occasionally; mostly when I suspect a nutritional issue but can't figure out what it is.
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Re: Compost/potting soil recipe

rainbowgardener wrote: In the meantime the presence of the nutrients doesn't harm them. Seeds growing in nature are in regular soil with nutrients.
So will you be using soil from your raised beds. Why buy all the expensive stuff if nature doesn't need it.
rainbowgardener wrote: Since the seeds aren't going to sprout all at the same time or grow at the same rate, it never made sense to me to have a special seed starting soil, that they have to be removed from almost immediately
and this supports the reason I use open flats and do the prick and transplant method.


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Re: Compost/potting soil recipe

I strive to make seed starting, potting and growing soil the same. I realize if you have a large garden let alone a farm it is more impossible than it is for me. My garden is about 200 sq ft and it takes a tremendous amount of compost. The first photo is my starting/potting soil and the second is a three year core sample from the garden. You can see two little worms in the core sample. You can tell by the worms that the photo wasn't darkened.

p3250109 by tsebmj, on Flickr

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