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What do you think of my new compost bin?

I tore down the kids' old play set and had a bunch of wood that was destined for the trash until I realized it'd be the best thing to start out a compost bin with. I realize it probably won't be around for eons, but figure it should do the trick. What do you think?

I put it on by blog but figured I'd get some opinions on what the forum thought- Do I have enough space between side slats (2")? Is a 3'x3' per bin large enough to get enough heat?
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What a great idea! Sure it won't last forever, but you're giving it a new purpose :)

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I love two and three bin composters.

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3x3x3 is the minimum size recommended for an effective compost pile. Yours should work just fine as long as you get the proportions of browns, greens, air, and water right. It is a really good reuse of materials.

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I've had many wood compost bins...none of them last forever, but that's OK, there's always more wood. Great example of reuse, congrats!

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Oh that is great. I can't wait to buy our big house so I can also build stuff like that :)

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Perfect, I'm looking to use it until it either decomposes or falls apart - should get a couple years out of it! Thanks all :D

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