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Compost Browns Question

I have so many greens for my compost right now. My neighbor just offered me his grass clippings every week for the summer :) :) Plus my comfrey is ready to be harvested for compost too.
However, I have no leaves until fall. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would prefer not to use paper or sawdust, but just cannot think what else I could get without purchasing it. Anybody?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I would encourage you to take the grass clippings providing your neighbor has not sprayed herbicide or insecticide on his grass. I am not a scientist, but cannot help but believe they linger in the grass for quite some time and do not want them in my garden. Grass clippings have natural nitrogen in it, especially in the spring, and will help you heat up your compost pile. It will help your pile if you keep it moist, not wet, and turn it about once a week. I bag my grass and use it a lot. Compost is the best answer for a great soil in the garden. Good Luck Don

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