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Huge liquid compost tee/fertilizer.

I build my liquid fertilizer maker from a large stiff side roller garbage can, a smaller 30 gallon can that rests on a lip inside (drilled about 500 holes in this one) and a brass spigot installed at the base.

I fill the inner tank with anything that looks good. Grass clippings(not too much), food scraps, coffee grounds, bananna peels are great, dandelions(revenge)
When I start for the year I add some organic compost starter to help the rot start.

After a few weeks I fill it up with water and let it stew in the hot sun.

Produces about 10 gallons a week.

Once it is well rotted I get about 10 pounds of fibers that won't break down.

Cranberries do not seem to degrade ever!!

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Re: Huge liquid compost tee/fertilizer.

Please post a photo?! I need to do this and I would like to see the bottom part :)

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