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Replace the molasses cap with dripless honey cap

Maybe I'm the only one patting myself on the back for this, and everybody else has been doing it for ages already....

The molasses I use for making AACT comes with a plain old cap. I used to dribble out a dollop, and twist the bottle to cut off the flow without dripping, like a bartender.

But this winter as I was washing up, it occurred to me that nowadays, most honey comes in a bottle with a flip lid spout with convenient drip-less shutoff valve like this.... I wonder if this cap fits on the molasses bottle... AND IT DID! No more drips!! :()

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Re: Replace the molasses cap with dripless honey cap

very clever.

but mebets you're gonna _miss_ that expertly administered adroit twist&lift exercise (!g!)

I buy (real) maple syrup in glass or metal - I can always tell when The Secret SapSucker has been into my stash....the lids are glued on... TSSer has never mastered the twist&lift trick!

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Re: Replace the molasses cap with dripless honey cap

There are lots of re-uses for food containers. I refill the honey bear from a bigger jug, put homemade sauces in mustard or mayo squeeze bottles, etc. Reduce, reuse, *then* recycle!

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