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Easter egg dye ok for compost?

I'm not sure what's in those little color tabs........

I already took out the trash so I can't look on the package. Guess I could always search the internet. My guess is that it would be non toxic and ok for food. It is for little kids, and they ALWAYS get it all over their skin.

BTW I saved the little cups, washed them out, and plan to use them for planters! :D
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your are right, safe for people to eat (some usually comes through on to the egg), safe for kids to play with, safe for the compost pile.
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Most egg die is vegetable based - at least the ones I have seen. Since you no longer have the package you can not read the label but maybe go back to the store and check out the label on the packages. I would not be overly concerned - you are only talking about a relatively small amount.
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