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Got compost! What now?

Im wondering what everyone else's methods of getting it in the garden.

I just sifted mine and got about 50-60 gallons worth.

I planted 2 rows of tomatos, made a trench, filled it in with compost, and then planted the toms in the compost.
With the other plants, (peppers, beans, herbs) I took a handful and put it in the hole before planting my transplants.

I had some leftover, and just spread it evenly in the other raised garden that will have okra in it next month.

How does everyone else spread it?

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I don't know how well plants grow in just compost as I've never done it but I've heard it's best to put it in the garden beds and mix it with the soil.

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big picture wise, there's two camp to the gardening thing:

the diggers
the no diggers

obviously, digging / tilling in organic material fairly immediately - as in one-two seasons - breaks it down into a fine tilth.

the other theory is just spread it on top and let the earthworms drag it down into the soil.

I'm too old to wait that long, so I till it in - double deep (g)

tomatoes develop an extensive root system - just keep it well watered and the roots will spread out through the compost trench and into the surrounding soil.

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If you're going to dig it in or put it in a trench, there's really no need to sift it. I only do that when using it for potting mix or trying to make a fine grained seed bed. Big chunks of uncomposted stuff can be tossed back into the pile without sifting the whole batch. Of course it doesn't hurt anything either, just a suggestion.

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Yup, that about covers it -- mix it into the soil in a planting hole or spread it over a whole garden bed, dig it in or leave it as mulch/ top dressing. Do the top dressing again mid season.

OR use it to make compost tea! See the AACT sticky at the top of this section.

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