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Garbage can as a compost bin

Hopefully I can get some thoughts on this...
I had found some info on an easy diy compost bin. I got a 32 gal plastic garbage can, drilled a bunch of holes all around (including top and bottom) and starting adding greens/browns. I haven't done a compost pile since I was a kid and really didn't know what I was doing back then anyway.
Has anyone had any experience with this? Am I just wasting my time?
I add kitchen scraps and then mix in leaves/weeds. I am laying it on it's side and turning it once a week to mix things up.

Thanks for any help/thoughts you have!

dogdayz :D

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IMO too small, too anoxic.

You want a bin built out of pallets (roughly 4' x 4')

A barrel makes tankage like the tank in your leach field. Liquid ick.

A 32 gallon barrel of tankage weights 256 pounds

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I've tried the garbage can compost and didn't mind it. This year I'm going to try a pile instead to see the difference. When I used the can I just flipped outside down, cut a hole in the top,drilled holes down the sides and started filling it. I added a handful of red wigglers to help break it down. It wasn't bad and less work then rotating it! Hope that's helpful!

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What works best is what works for you. I go for larger capacity bins myself.

to sense

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It the video.

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I'm doing a 35 gallon trash can compost project.... Started about 10 days ago.... I can see the beginnings of stuff breaking down. I think it will work. If it does, I see me adding ( 2 ) 45 gallon drums to make more.

I want to keep mine in cans because of how many deer live near me.... today, I saw 14 of them on my front lawn. ( I live next to a state park, and I don't think they allow hunting there because houses are all around it )

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As long as you have some holes in the BOTTOM for excess liquid to drain out, it will work. One thing I will say though is that it's hard to turn and mix material and to empty it out because of the height. Mixing speeds up the process. But with the right mixture of materials and moisture, it will make compost.

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