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This is a little belated but I'm relatively new here and want to share with Bee, the OP, my own n00b experience making compost tea. I like to do things cheap cuz I don't have money to blow on anything that isn't critical, so if it isn't food, seeds, growing medium, or shoes, I won't buy it.

This is how I made my compost tea:

I took a random bucket from my yard. I threw in a bunch of dried leaves. Then I threw in some table scraps. I filled it with water from the hose. I covered it with a plastic bag and topped that with an overturned pot. I let it sit in the sun for a week, gave it a stir, and then forgot about it for another two. Là voilà, compost tea was born! Makes the roses and everything else in my yard including the random grass and weeds I spill it on grow like crazy.

I usually half fill a gallon watering can with water and the other half with the liquid from the bucket. Sometimes I'll use it straight, but not too often. Make sure that whenever you deplete the liquid, you add more composty stuff. That way you're not just continually rotting your leached out original junk. Super sciencey and technical, I know :P

Oh, you can also rot seaweed in old juice jugs if you're limited in space.

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